Saturday, April 28, 2012

Getting dirty!

The vegetable gardening is in full swing!

We have planted two rows of Walla Walla sweets, a row of red onions and leeks (first time for leeks!), and three rows of potatoes - red, white and Yukon Gold.  No weeds yet :)

We have four full flats of flowers and more tomatoes than we need that we take out in the morning and bring in at night  Two days ago there was frost on my windshield when I headed out to work at 6:30 a.m.  Brrr!

The days are warm and the spring temps means the flowering trees and the orchards are bright with color and buzzing bees.  


The Golden Delicious apples next door are in full bloom!

When you duck into the orchard you can hear the  bees, 
busy doing their pollinating thing!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Absent for a while...

Have been busy and not blogging... still following lots of interesting folks!   

I entered two tops in Made by Rae's Spring Top Sewalong .  My tops didn't get selected but I had a lot of fun sewing for myself.  One pattern was a tutorial from Rae's Web page, and I bought the other one online as a pdf.

Rayon-linen blend... have already worn to work :)

Love the colors! Fabric is a bit stiff... 
doesn't drape as well as I would like, but still looks good.

 Pics for Rae's contest had to be headless :)

Have almost finished Ada's sweater....just need to assemble the pieces! 

I was not very far along at this point...

Signin' out....!

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