Thursday, March 15, 2012

Milestone birthday...

Company is arriving and food and flowers are stacking up. 

My MIL turns 80 TODAY - and her kids have planned a big shindig and celebration Saturday.  She will have a great time visiting with all her family and the other folks joining us for lunch and visiting.

Old friends from Kansas flew out for the occasion and surprised her this morning... happy tears from all!


Monday, March 12, 2012

Sew busy...

I keep a list of sewing projects on my iPhone. I don't want to forget some of the inspiring fat-quarter sets I have, and the ready-to-go charm packs. 

Have been concentrating - of course! - on sewing for little gals, and guys.

Here are a couple quick accomplishments. 

Two crib sheets for Miss M...the lower one is flannel and the top one is cotton.  Nice and bright!

The green flannel two-sided receiving blanket is for a yet-to-be born boy.
I love the top pattern!  Really cheerful!

"The Voice" is calling... time to pickup my knitting!



Sunday, March 11, 2012


Post-frost planting time in Selah is the middle of May, so today I started three different kinds of flowers in a little seed-starting kit.  I may order some specific flower seeds from Burpee or Nichols.... but at least I got them started.

The rainbow coleus seeds were TINY - and I know I dropped more than one in each cell.  The cosmos seeds were least half-an-inch and very skinny.  The zinnia seeds were different shapes and sizes, since the seed packet was for a mixed variety. 

They are sitting in a southeastern facing window...waiting for the Selah sunshine to warm them up.

Amazing to think that the gorgeous healthy flower plants I enjoy in the summer come start as such little tiny seeds! 

In a couple weeks I will start two varieties of zucchini and a short-season cantaloup!  Yum!



I took a chilly half-hour walk this morning...With the hour shift forward, and being Sunday, there was little activity on my route.  Passed the intriguing turban-wearing neighbor, on his own  morning stroll. 

Having passed the 60-year mark two years ago, I need to keep the body moving.

I should rearrange my morning routine, to get out more often, but a 7 a.m. arrival time at work means I would be out in the dark EARLY.

Looking forward to daffodil blooms and warmer days. 
These are last year's cheerful flowers.

Happy day to all!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Time passes...spring is around the corner!

Has been too long since I spent a few minutes on this blog.  Grandkids are healthy - hooray!  Daughters and hubbies are healthy - hooray!  Grandpa and grandma are noticing they have slowed down a bit.... but we still keep moving!

Snow again in February. 
A path shoveled to my car so I can drive off to work!

Daffodils showing  up under the trees.  Hooray for spring!

Days are getting longer... I no longer head off to work in the absolute dark.

And I have been having great fun making one-of-a-kind crib sheets for my two granddaughters!  This is one of Ada's. The owl fabric was the end of the bolt, and I couldn' figure out what to do with it.

Added some pretty green on each end...and now she has a cute new sheet!

I will try to stop in more often, with bits and pieces of what's going on.

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