Saturday, March 10, 2012

Time passes...spring is around the corner!

Has been too long since I spent a few minutes on this blog.  Grandkids are healthy - hooray!  Daughters and hubbies are healthy - hooray!  Grandpa and grandma are noticing they have slowed down a bit.... but we still keep moving!

Snow again in February. 
A path shoveled to my car so I can drive off to work!

Daffodils showing  up under the trees.  Hooray for spring!

Days are getting longer... I no longer head off to work in the absolute dark.

And I have been having great fun making one-of-a-kind crib sheets for my two granddaughters!  This is one of Ada's. The owl fabric was the end of the bolt, and I couldn' figure out what to do with it.

Added some pretty green on each end...and now she has a cute new sheet!

I will try to stop in more often, with bits and pieces of what's going on.


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