Saturday, May 26, 2012

Up close at Wild Horse Windfarm!

We had a mini-adventure today.  

We drove east of Kittitas on the old Vantage Highway, and toured the Ellensburg Wild Horse Windfarm. Learned a lot and even got to inside one of the towers.  

Pretty impressive view from the visitor center... elevation 3,500 feet - higher than Snoqualmie Pass!

Pretty futuristic!

You could see for miles!

The shrub-steppe vegetation included flowers like these and some cacti!

The blades are 120-some feet long, and each weighs seven tons!

Looking up from inside the base of the tower....220 steps in the ladder!
We could see the top section of the tower flexing in the wind!
A computer read-out tells you the wind-speed and how much electricity is being delivered.

Worth the trip!  Bring your jacket, though! Was windy - duh!! - when we were there!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Community Days...

Once again, we helped out at the Community Days parade by checking in floats, antique cars, clowns, high school bands, dancers, military tanks, etc etc.  A busy morning, and then a quick hike down onto the parade route to sit with our daughters, and granddaughters.

Saturday night we got together with a bunch of the kids our girls grew up with, and enjoyed chasing after the next generation!  How blessed we are!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunny mother's day...

Got tons of things planted today... temps were in the high 80's, and I am pretty tuckered out!

Here is the view looking through our ash tree at the bright blue sky.  I was lying on the deck bench, taking a rest.


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fun app!

Here is a "sketch" version of an apple blossom photo, using my PS Express free app.

I think I like it :)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Plants and more plants!

I took some time off work this morning to be one of the first in line at the annual Yakima Master Gardeners' plant sale....

This is the sight that greeted us!  Gorgeous plants, and lots of 'em!

There were already over 100 shoppers making their way through the rows. 
This picture is deceiving! 

The first shoppers lined up to pay..... 
since it was  Friday, there were a lot of retired folks and a few BRAVE moms with kids.

Some of our loot. All healthy looking plants!

The ten flats of starts and purchased flowers and veggies  we are still bringing in every night. 
Low temp tonight is forecast to be 30...everything is inside for the night!

~ M

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blossoms bursting out!

The sunny days mean all the orchards around us are blooming. 

Nights are still chilly....37 this morning and the orchard fans that stir the cold air to minimize fruit damage were LOUD early this morning!

Bing cherry blossoms - will be lots of cherries, hopefully!

Baby apricots are already formed...
here's hoping that nights don't get too cold

Apple blossoms just starting to open
I love the colors in these blossoms!

I had fun with my PicFrame app!


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