Friday, May 4, 2012

Plants and more plants!

I took some time off work this morning to be one of the first in line at the annual Yakima Master Gardeners' plant sale....

This is the sight that greeted us!  Gorgeous plants, and lots of 'em!

There were already over 100 shoppers making their way through the rows. 
This picture is deceiving! 

The first shoppers lined up to pay..... 
since it was  Friday, there were a lot of retired folks and a few BRAVE moms with kids.

Some of our loot. All healthy looking plants!

The ten flats of starts and purchased flowers and veggies  we are still bringing in every night. 
Low temp tonight is forecast to be 30...everything is inside for the night!

~ M


Meghan said...

You should join the club - might be a fun retirement hobby!

MelindaW said...

Yep... was in the very first MG's class, in 1980. Would be fun to participate again!

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