Saturday, May 26, 2012

Up close at Wild Horse Windfarm!

We had a mini-adventure today.  

We drove east of Kittitas on the old Vantage Highway, and toured the Ellensburg Wild Horse Windfarm. Learned a lot and even got to inside one of the towers.  

Pretty impressive view from the visitor center... elevation 3,500 feet - higher than Snoqualmie Pass!

Pretty futuristic!

You could see for miles!

The shrub-steppe vegetation included flowers like these and some cacti!

The blades are 120-some feet long, and each weighs seven tons!

Looking up from inside the base of the tower....220 steps in the ladder!
We could see the top section of the tower flexing in the wind!
A computer read-out tells you the wind-speed and how much electricity is being delivered.

Worth the trip!  Bring your jacket, though! Was windy - duh!! - when we were there!


Meghan said...

Great pics, Mom. Looks really cool!

MelindaW said...

Some hardy folks rode bikes to the visitor center. A 2,000 elevation gain from Ellensburg!

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