Sunday, March 11, 2012


Post-frost planting time in Selah is the middle of May, so today I started three different kinds of flowers in a little seed-starting kit.  I may order some specific flower seeds from Burpee or Nichols.... but at least I got them started.

The rainbow coleus seeds were TINY - and I know I dropped more than one in each cell.  The cosmos seeds were least half-an-inch and very skinny.  The zinnia seeds were different shapes and sizes, since the seed packet was for a mixed variety. 

They are sitting in a southeastern facing window...waiting for the Selah sunshine to warm them up.

Amazing to think that the gorgeous healthy flower plants I enjoy in the summer come start as such little tiny seeds! 

In a couple weeks I will start two varieties of zucchini and a short-season cantaloup!  Yum!


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