Sunday, September 4, 2011

Great garden eats

While the nights grow longer and COOLER, the days are still quite warm, and the garden keeps on giving!

We steamed and blanched fresh (white) corn today....YUMMY!  Will be great to take a package of sweet home-grown corn out of the freezer when days are short, and the air is cold.

Today we picked two gigantic bowls of tomatoes, and more just as ripe in the garden. May be making some fancy bruschetta sauce tomorrow...will see...just one more day til I am back at the office, up to my eyeballs in work.

The odd-colored ones are Cherokee heirloom that doesn't look that great but is excellent eating.

Sometimes when I am rinsing fruit in the sink, or taking hot jars out of the dishwasher, I think about how different it must have been to can or make jam over a woodstove. I just have to turn on the burner, and I have reliable heat that I can turn up or down as I need it.  I am canning food mostly for fun...certainly we will eat it, but I am not struggling to put up enough food  to feed my family all winter.


erin said...

What a bountiful harvest you have! You could feed a small army with all that! Yum!

Melinda said...

Yep....I may even bring some fresh goodies your way :)

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