Saturday, October 29, 2011


Spent most of today doing our "summer is over" thing in the yard.  A beautiful sunny day... warm enough that I shed my jacket within a few minutes. 

Looking south  - trees still have lots of leaves left!

Such a pretty day! 
Interesting that the one birch on the left and the one behind the weeping birch are still green!

Here is a "before" shot, taken on the walkway to our back door, the end of June.

Here is the "after" shot - four months later - as I load the cart on the right
with the frosted and dying plants from the containers.

Empty and ready to wait through the winter to be replanted.


Meghan said...

Want to come do our house next? A lot easier to rake up leaves when it's not pouring on them. :)

Melinda said...

You could probably talk you dad into some raking while he is hanging out with you. Would want to forewarn him to bring his work/wet clothes :)

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