Sunday, June 12, 2011

Kids came.. kids left....

Had a great weekend with both daughters, both husbands, three dogs and little Miss M!

The family photo shoot went off without a hitch... and hopefully both daughters got great family pics for their own use.  Lots of visiting after "The Picture," with BBQ-ed hot dogs, good eats, and gathering of "nuts" (acorn caps) by the many little guys and gals - the great-grandkid generation.

I can hear Miss M "talking" when I look at this picture!

The little one is a bit blurry, but what a priceless picture!

And.... changing the subject... the garden is looking pretty good!

Three rows of potatoes in front, and then WW sweet onions, and tomatoes beyond that.

Volunteer sunflowers we tranplanted in a row along the fence.

Future birdhouse gourds!

First day my gazania bloomed... gorgeous color!
The bloom closes up when the weather turns cloudy!
Beautiful geranium.....  Thanks to Master Gardeners!

Take care, ya'all!!


Meghan said...

Your gazania is gorgeous! It doesn't even look real! I want one. :)

Melinda said...

Isn't the gazania beautiful?! (got several at the MG's plant sale) When I get home after work it has already folded up - only opens up in the daylight.

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