Monday, June 27, 2011

Pool time...

I had so much fun "water walking" in my little Doughboy pool on Sunday, that on Monday  I made time to uncover the pool and spend some time striding against the water.  Felt really good after a long day fighting battles at work.

Filling the pool last year after kids and spouses
helped stretch the new, clean, bright new liner.
Water temp was not that warm - 71 degrees - but once I got in and moving, it actually felt great!  I am going to check with the pool folks and get the pyramid-shaped solar heater.  A few more degrees of warmth would make the pool that much more enjoyable!

Wore my grandma necklace today... LOVE IT cuz my granddaughter is so precious, and another precious one is on the way.

Hard to picture I am a grandma.... grandmas are OLD.  :)

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