Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ready or not.... snow!

This weekend was my target for getting the outside lights in the trees, bushes and along the fence.  I wanted to get them up before it snowed.....but didn't make it.

I guess mid-November is as good a time as any for our first snow.  It was really coming down this morning, but we headed off to town, with a number of stops to make.  We were snow-covered by the time we reached the door of each store.  There were fewer shoppers out than I expected, which I appreciated!

We came home to three or so inches... had to push the shovel ahead of us on the walk to get to the door.  Later the sun came out and I got some pics of the bushes in back.

Looking south toward the pasture... .blue sky and snow.

A light-weight shovel makes cleaning the walk and parking pad a lot easier!

Here is a huge snowy tumbleweed, wedged up against the pasture fence.

Later today I hung icicle lights on the top barbed wire on the fence, and as the light faded and the sun went down, my white Christmas lights were reflecting off the snow.  Love it!

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