Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas past.. Christmas future

Here are the felt Christmas stockings that my mom made (Dan, Melinda, Meghan, Erin) and the ones I made. (Mark, Nick, Makenna, Ada)  Sad to think of the family milestones my mom was not with us to celebrate.

My stocking is over 60 years old; Dan's was made in 1979, the year we got married.

I used trees and a campfire for Nick's, partly because they went backpacking on their first date, and they still camp and hike as often as they can. 
Ada's tree - decorated for Christmas - kind of matches her dad's.

Mark loves to snowboard, so the mittens and snowflakes seemed appropriate on his.  Makenna has a snowflake like her dad, and glittery Christmas ornaments.


Meghan said...

Love these! I wish Grandpa and Grandma could have known M and A. I know Grandma would be so proud that you're carrying the crafty torch for the family. :)

MelindaW said...
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MelindaW said...

Yep...Makes me nostalgic or even sad to think that Grandma never knew my daughters' wonderful hubbies, or Wyatt, or my sweet grandbabies. She would be proud that the stockings are still being crafted.

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