Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day in the sun...

Summer hit Selah, finally today... still 90 degrees at 6:30 pm.  I know I shouldn't complain, compared to what much of the country is experiencing...I am happy that the garden is growing and I can enjoy the pool :)

I am replacing curtains in our trailer... I washed two sets, after the cat somehow spent some time in there, and I didn't notice the back of the curtains was rubberized... Needless to say, even delicate cycle in the dryer was too warm.  The curtain backs melted together :(

This is the worst of the curtains that I have NOT replaced.

New curtains,with original brown trim. 
The black-out fabric does a good job of blocking the evening sun.

Found light tan black-out fabric, cheap, and hubby carefully took the trim off the old curtains, and I stitched it down on the new ones. 

Had to run to my MIL's for velcro... my sewing stash was depleted.  Once retirement comes... I plan to get more organized, and SEW more.

And I have plans for a late evening dip in the pool!


eringross said...

Look at that clean pool! So jealous of all that sun! I woke up to a bomb (thunder) over our house this morning instead :(

Melinda said...

Sorry I missed your comment :) A clean, not freezing pool..what a treat!

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