Monday, July 4, 2011


It's the fourth of July and it is a beautiful day in Selah! Had lots of fun at a family BBQ yesterday....  as usual, way too much to eat :)  The next generation, Norma's great grandkids, enjoyed the pool and running around in the yard.

One of my gazanias from the Master Gardeners

Geraniums, lobelia, coleus, and a calendula to the right

Walla walla sweet onions - just about ready to harvest

I have FOUR kinds of zucchinis... this is a yellow zucchini, can you tell?  :)

I am pleasantly relaxed and cooled off, after hanging out in the pool for a time.  YAY! 

Had some odd, disjointed thought ramblings, floating around in the pool... among other things, I was thinking about Ree Drummond, aka Pioneer Woman, and how different her life would be if she had not visited her local watering hole that first night she met Marlboro Man.... 

Was thinking how some people take risks, while others chose not to, and how "chance" encounters and decisions put us on wholly different paths than we might have expected.... Nothing we haven't all thought of one time or another.... not sure why it appeared in my thoughts in the pool :)


Meghan said...

What if my little sister hadn't decided to work at that insurance agency in Everett where my amazing future husband also happened to work... :) Love you!

Melinda said...

Didn't see your comment til today... but yes yes 100 times yes...Sure worked out nicely that Erin got a recommendation that Claudia took seriously....and look where we are now :) YAY family!

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