Sunday, July 17, 2011

Growin' like crazy!

Summer is in full swing in eastern Washington, as you can see by the garden pics. Had potatoes and onions for lunch yesterday..... just minutes after we harvested them!

Sweet corn looking good!

Birdhouse gourd hillls continue to spread like crazy... little gourds are starting to form.

Sunsflowers in the back, leaning to the east, facing the morning sun. 
Zukes in front, mulched with big sheets of cardboard.  Not real attractive, but works!

Found our first tomatoes in the midst of overwhelming foliage!
I am brutally breaking off the suckers.

First potato harvest... yukon gold, reds, and russets.  Tasty!

And use fresh-picked strawberries and raspberries for first jam of the season....

Crushed fruit, lids simmering, and LOTS of sugar!

Four pints - YUMMY!!!

The pectin box had a recipe for jalepeno jelly... think I might get peppers at the farmers' market next week and give it a try!


Meghan said...

You have my address, right? I accept home deliveries. :)

Melinda said...

Maybe I will bringing goodies if we make it to the big city soon :)

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