Saturday, May 28, 2011

Extra long weekend :)

Been catching up on things around the yard....Hubby pruned back a lot of bushes, and I hauled off the cuttings (I got the better part of THAT job!) 

Planted two rows of bush beans and a "block" of white sweet corn.....Looking forward to harvesting corn!!  Corn grilled on the BBQ - yum!

Have blossoms on several of the tomatoes, and one zucchini plant, and one if the weather would cooperate.... and the sun would shine....We might get to eat some veggies eventually!  (hopefully in a month or two I will be "complaining" that I have too many zukes and cukes :) )

Uncovered our fun 18-ft above-ground pool.... which is always a chore.  The pool is downwind from several birch trees, and by early summer the winter pool cover is weighted down with leaves and wind-blown little branches.

And there has been enough sun that there is slimy green algae on the whole cover.  Took half the day to syphon off a winter's worth of snow and rain from the cover, and to skim off the slimy leaves and branches.....but it's DONE!! 

The water under the cover is clear and clean, so now I am filling the pool with two hoses. There was frost on the truck windshield this morning, so it's not quite swimming weather - brrr!

And... found a yummy-sounding rhubard crisp/bar recipe, so a treat is bubbling in the oven.  Yum!


Meghan said...

We had our first salad from our garden today - with a hard-boiled egg from Uncle Eric. So good! Rhubarb bars sound delicious!

Melinda said...

I LOVE eating from the garden! Still buying :( my vegies.... soon....soon! Will send you the link for the rhubarb bars....pretty rich!

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