Saturday, May 21, 2011

Selah Days....

We were up and out by 6 a.m., to help check in royalty floats, and kids, and shiny cars, and motorcycles, and marching bands, and dancing girls...and more. This is the 14th year that D and I have been part of the crescendo of chaos that precedes the start of the Selah Days parade.  Means we see almost all the entries before everyone else.... and we get to deal with both the sweet folks and the ones who think they should get preferential treatment.

Unfortunately the 75 degrees that was forecast was more like 60 degrees, and RAIN.... bummer.  We took a quick trip through the park, but steady rain wasn't much fun.

Miss M's first Selah Days.... she was dressed to the nines..but had to be bundled up to stay dry and warm. Good memories anyway!

Bunn came along too.... next year he will be much more interested.  :)

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