Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rain rain ... finally went away!

Wow... the weather can sure vary from day to day!  We watched a high school baseball Saturday.... the sun was SO HOT in the bleachers,  I walked back to the car to get our big golf umbrella.  By late afternoon, serious clouds had moved in, and it started RAINING.... and kept on RAINING... til mid-day today. 

Last night and today area roads were awash in water, and there will likely be highway dramas to deal with at work on Monday. Raging rivers flooded homes and threatened roadways, like this picture along SR 410 west of Naches.

Water seeped in our basement on just one wall, but being an old basement with a floor drain, that's kinda what is supposed to happen.

On a cheerier note, I finished sewing a cute little romper for my sweet granddaughter.  I used a 30 year old pattern that I sewed for my daughters :)
For little Miss M :)
Happy week to you!!


Meghan said...

What? It's raining in God's country? I don't believe it. :) In all seriousness, though, it'd better be sunny for community days next weekend.

Melinda said...

Sun is out today :) Bring your sunscreen!

erin said...

OMG! that little outfit is darling! Yay for clothes from Grandma!

Melinda said...

Yay for a darling grandbaby... and one on the way!!... to sew for :) Looking forward to your visit!

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