Friday, May 6, 2011

Made it to Friday....

Well.... the fact that I am posting a brief note, is proof that I escaped the clutches of the PAPER piles at my office.  I know I will never catch up.. there is always something else to take care of, but at least I have most of the major items listed on paper.... I printed out my list.... and then added another dozen items by hand.

Eight flats of vegies and flowers await true warm weather in the kitchen.  Not likely that it will freeze again this spring, but the chilly, windy weather is not real hospitable to baby plants! 


The Kwanzen cherry tree has started blooming, and the first Golden Delicious blossoms are out in the orchard across the driveway.  Spring rain is falling now....everything will be GREEN tomorrow! 

Golden Delicious Apple blooms

First blossoms brave the still cool nights
Mother's Day weekend... has been sixteen years since my dear mom passed away...STILL miss her.  This year both my daughters will earn the identity of "mom"... E already has a precious three-month old daughter, and M has one on the way.  Makes me a grandma I realize.....Guess that comes with the territory.

Isn't she a cutie?!


erin said...

You are a talented photog! I love your pics of spring!

I miss Grandma too. :( Hard to believe it has been 16 years. :(

Meghan said...

Happy Mother's Day! Feels like there are so many new moms in my world this year - but none can top my own. :)

Love all of your orchard pics! The blossoms are beautiful.

Hope you have a relaxing day and get all your planters filled.

Melinda said...

Love you girls!! Gonna plant the containers next weekend... nights are still too cool. Happy day!!

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