Sunday, May 22, 2011

FINALLY... .got the garden planted!

The weather finally cooperated.... freezing nights are over.... and our vegetable garden is in. 

Four kinds of zucchini plants... TWELVE (are we nuts?!?) tomato plants, a tomatillo, seven pepper plants, three kinds of cucumbers, potatoes, two kinds of onions, birdhouse gourds, and Old Mexico calendula flowers.  We moved volunteer potatoes to make a third row of spuds, and moved volunteer sunflowers against the fence.

Zucchinis in the foreground, and tomatoes up against the wire fences.
Well-established Walla Walla sweets are bright green in the distance.

We bought a few well-developed tomato plants....
hoping for tomatoes sooner rather than later.

Looks pretty bare right now....
but I know these zucchini plants will spread out and take over!

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