Sunday, May 29, 2011

Not quite summer....

It's been a cool, windy, and hazy - USFS is burning brush to the west - day!

The pool is ready for swimmers... but just a TAD chilly :)

The garden is established... now just need warm weather to GROW!  Walla Walla sweets look pretty healthy!

One of our resident quail families likes to check out the garden, from the vantage point of the wood pile right behind the fence.  I haven't noticed anything eaten... hopefully they are looking for bugs!

A one inch long zuke.... can't wait for it to get bigger!  :)

Hostas are really healthy!  They love the cool weather and the shade!

Take care y'all!!


erin said...

Quail picture is so cute!
Aw....the pool...can't wait to get in there. Maybe I Will put Makenna in a dry suit so it's warm enough to swim in a few weeks. :)

Melinda said...

Miss M would definitely not enjoy the pool right now.... We need to figure out some solar heat!!

Quails live under the junipers along the driveway.... they venture down the driveway and hop up on the woodpile to make sure it is safe to cruise through the garden.

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