Friday, May 13, 2011

Looks like summer!

I am back home after a work trip to Olympia.  Was good to work in person with the folks I chat with often on the phone, and best of all... to visit with a special friend.  Thanks, Penny, for your positive attitude, your smile, and your relaxed attitude.  Wish you lived closer!!

Got to stay in a NICE hotel in Oly!
Even had my favorite Bed, Bath and Beyond fragrance waiting for me.
How cool is that?!
Today I took the plunge and planted my many containers. 

Before....plants still in flats...

Hubby generously filled them with fresh soil, so all I had to do was decide what to plant in each container.  I am spoiled :) 

Lots of empty pots after all my planting!

All those Master Gardener geraniums, asters, coleuses, gazanias, dusty miller etc are tucked into my many wooden pots.  Come ON - summer!!


Fancy geranium... gorgeous color!


erin said...

Is it wrong to covet a hotel room....or maybe just a night away to myself? :)

Your plants look great! Summer has definitely arrived in Selah! It was here earlier today in Seattle but got scared and went away.

Melinda said...

Selah summer has been drowning since last night. close to 2 inches of rain....a LOT for us....Am glad I didn't plant the rest of my vegie garden yet.

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