Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday at home...

Took advantage of the extra day off, and puttered around the house... put away some things that had been set down, and then never moved.

Started and finished a quick project to cut down a king-sized bedskirt - no one needed it! - to fit the queen bed in the downstairs guest room (otherwise known as the blue room, due to blue carpet, and, at one time, blue walls).

Here is a poor quality phone pic...

Went to the movies....I know I know... has been a LONG time!  We saw the latest Pirate of the Caribbean/Johnny Depp flick - not bad! - and enjoyed senior discouts at the show and at a quick dinner afterwards.  When did I become a SENIOR?!

Sad news to hear today a 51 year old woman jumped off the Fred Redmon Bridge north of's a LONG way down, and rock at the bottom.  So sad. 

Take care, y'all!

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